Rulings, remedies and court proceedings for customs and trade professionals

About Trade Law Daily

International Trade Today’s Trade Law Daily is a trusted information source for lawyers, practitioners and supply chain strategists involved in customs and trade compliance. The service allows subscribers to stay on top of the complex, fast-changing legal environment facing imports and exports amid a period of upheaval in global trade.

Trade Law Daily’s mission is to provide timely, relevant information on court proceedings and agency rulings involving tariffs, classification, valuation, origin, and antidumping and countervailing duties to inform the development of legal, compliance and supply chain management strategies.

Trade Law Daily informs trade lawyers and customs professionals about new rulings that affect their clients and products via daily summaries in the following areas:

Broad, at-a-glance coverage of rulings from CBP’s Office of Regulations and Rulings, and its New York-based National Commodity Specialist Division;
Detailed coverage of important customs rulings, ruling revocations and modifications; and
The latest news on CBP’s Enforce and Protect Act AD/CVD evasion investigations.

As the surge of AD/CVD cases continues apace, the service also includes the following:

Detailed coverage of AD/CVD scope rulings;
Duty and injury determinations from the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission;
The latest new regulations and policies from Commerce and ITC; and
Information on World Trade Organization disputes.

Trade Law Daily additionally delivers:

Close coverage of customs and trade cases before the Court of International Trade and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and other federal court developments involving trade.
Detailed reporting on every CIT decision, as well as customs and trade decisions from the Federal Circuit.
For the most important cases, Trade Law Daily delves deep into arguments raised in court documents to provide a clear picture of the legal impact on key trade issues.
A centralized library of essential source documents from PACER, CROSS, EDIS, ACCESS, the Federal Register, and more to help our readers research and prepare strategy more efficiently.

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